Proposal Maker

Why does your company need a proposal maker….

  • Your company has to be represented in the best possible light at all times to have the best chance of capturing new business!
  • Your company needs to stand out from the competition and quality should radiate from each interaction you have with a potential customer.

In approximately 3-5 minutes, a first class, visually stunning, proposal can be created and customized for your client. One of the many reasons this is a product favorite is because in today’s busy world, you find yourself making the sales pitch to only a portion of the party making the decision. Then it is up to pitched client to lay out the facts to another person. When that takes place, a lot of the time items are lost in translation and that perfect pitch your sales rep had, is now a couple of brief sentences. Our proposal maker can help you avoid situations like these by turning limited representation into an advantage verses a blown deal.